Mock ASPCA Advertisement

ASPCA Advertisement

In this course project, I translated my obsession with English Bulldogs into an adopt-a-pet ad.

The photo was taken by Flickr user sheeparefun, and I really loved the energy and playfulness of the image. It’s the kind of thing that makes you want to pet a dog right now.

I also wrote the ad copy. It reads:

We don’t speak the same language. You just know what I’m saying. I snore. I drool. I have wrinkles. I snort when I laugh. I’m big-boned. But I’m beautiful. I’ve got spirit, and I’ve got a sense of humor. I just need someone to scratch the places I can’t, to rub my belly, to be my friend. I think that someone is you.

I have to note that this image is in no way actually affiliated with the ASPCA and was done as a project for a class at the University of Florida. I apologize for any confusion.