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The National Endowment for Financial Education

CashCourse Connection: April 2014 Issue
April Success Story: John Jay College of Criminal Justice

CashCourse Connection: February 2014 Issue
February Success Story: Itawamba Community College

CashCourse Connection: December 2013 Issue

CashCourse Connection: October 2013 Issue

CashCourse Connection: September 2013 Issue

CashCourse Connection: June 2013 Issue

CashCourse Connection: May 2013 Issue
May Success Story: Columbia College (May 2013)

CashCourse Connection: April 2013 Issue
April Success Story: Stephens College (April 2013)

CashCourse Connection: March 2013 Issue
March Success Story: Good Samaritan College of Nursing & Health Sciences (March 2013)

CashCourse Connection: February 2013 Issue
February Success Story: Ashland Community & Technical College (February 2013)

Spendster.org: How to Avoid Impulse Buys and Stay On Budget When Shopping for Gifts (November 2012)
Spendster.org: Spending Interventions: Say Something When Friends Go Overboard (November 2012)
NEFE Press Room: Manage Your Money Like a Super Hero (May 2012)


News Release: Church Street Bars Debut Smoke-Free Nights in August – Written on behalf of the Church Street District for the Smoke-Free Nights campaign (August 2012)

Church Street Bars Go Smoke-Free for September – Written on behalf of the Church Street District for the Smoke-Free Nights campaign (August 2012)

Gainesville Regional Utilities

Gainesville Solar Growth Top 10 in the Nation (June 2011)
Handheld Meters Help Identify Energy Hogs (June 2011)
EPA Recognizes GRU for Energy Efficiency Program (March 2011)
Brighter Tomorrow Scholarship Banquet (February 2011)
GRU Offers Tips to Trim Your Holiday Budget (December 2010)
Energy Demand Surpasses 2009 Peak, GRU Encourages Energy Conservation (June 2010)
Preparations for Hurricane Season a Year-Round Priority (June 2010)

The Independent Florida Alligator

Andy Samberg makes waves (March 2010)